How to scale your influencer marketing in 2019

How to scale your influencer marketing in 2019

Scalability is the word on everybody’s lips these days. It refers to a company’s ability to increase as well as to adjust to a larger demand for their services or products. This might be a rather big challenge, especially if you’re running a small company with limited time and resources.

One of the most difficult areas for companies to scale is particularly influencer marketing. Most companies struggle before they crack the code and some brands may require years before they manage to truly profit from it.

Lucky for you I’ve made this article for you to save time, money and profit from influencer marketing taking your business to the next level this year. Keep reading!

Get your goals clear

First of all, set up clear goals for your business. Your goals can include a wide spectrum of targets. Everything depends on what your company want to achieve.

It’s important to know where you want to scale your business, and in what way. By doing this, you will get a more clear understanding of how to structure and strategize your influencer marketing campaigns and for what purposes. In addition, it makes it easier to understand what to look for when choosing influencers and which are suitable for you goals - in the short term and long term. Trust me, this is an essential step for companies to scale their influencer marketing.

Don’t forget your KPI’s

KPI’s are vital. If you don’t follow up on your influencer marketing campaigns, it will be impossible for you to know if your campaign was successful or not, thus making it difficult to scale. However, this might not always be the easiest to do but as long as you’ve set up a clear method to measure your KPI’s you can compare results that will assist you in making more profitable decisions as you scale your influencer marketing.

Remember, influencers can be profitable in different ways. Not all influencer convert sales directly after promoting your brand however, that doesn’t mean they’re not giving your business value. Some influencers produce beautiful content that can be used for other areas of your marketing and on your website. Other influencers generate tons of traffic that can be retargeted into sales and other create awareness that’s later converts into sales at your retailers. It’s a matter of understanding how to measure data and evaluating how a particular influencer is helping you scale your business.

Collabs have some great features to help you out with a vital but difficult part. Collecting the data. Manually collecting all the influencers statistics such as impressions, reach and action inevitably costs you a lot of time and make it difficult for you to focus enough on how to scale your campaigns. If manually gathering, presenting and analyzing data for just one campaign costs you hours, scaling up to 4,5 maybe 6 campaigns simultaneously won’t be sustainable (and scalable for that matter) without the right MTK. Thanks to Collabs, this isn’t a problem anymore. Collabs sends you an automated report containing all stats and details you need for you to scale your business.


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New perspectives

Let yourself experiment a bit. Contact new influencers and preferably in unexplored niches. This is to evaluate potential long-term profitability. For a brand selling watches, placing their products on a fashion influencer seems like natural choice but putting their products on a cooking influencer sounds unthinkable. But remember, they too need to keep track of time in the kitchen.

The bottom line is, if the outcome was good, keep on going! If not, then you know, remember that there’s plenty of fish in the sea. This method is a great way to scale up your campaigns.

If you find yourself looking for more influencers I recommend you to check out Collabs. Our tool “Discover” helps filter out influencers based on your required metrics and preferences. It’s also a perfect way to expand the variety of influencers you’re working with and making the scalability flow smoothly.

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Structure is alpha and omega when it comes to more or less all types of work. However, it’s extra crucial when it comes to influencer marketing. A good structure sets the tone of how well prepared you are for unforeseen situation or, as a matter of fact, scalability.

Start applying these tips today and when all of the above is well structured and planned for, you have a solid ground to stand on when scaling your influencer marketing in 2019.

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